About Kazue Furuya
Born in Tokyo.Being poor in health and fatty since childhood, she decided to go on diet when she was nineteen.She hit the idea of porridge diet and lost 20 kilos. In 1976 she won the title of Miss Japan.
Her grandmother had cerebral thrombosis,when she was 55 years old.She was from one of the top three Tokugawa Families(when there was no son to succeed a deceased shyogun, they used to appoint candidates from those top three Tokugaw Families.)Her grandmother became bed-ridden. This made her aware of preventive medicine and health care.
She went to New York to attend U.B.Iinsutitute school and Christine Valmy International School to study cosmetological medicine, preventive medicine,sports medicine, hair make, make-up skills, nail art, etc.
She founded FURUYA Beauty and Figure Academy Co Ltd..,featuring how to make yourself slender,how to make your complexion beautiful,how to make yourself look ten years younger,how to get slim and in fit without toils, how to get skinny on rice diet,how to exercise burning your fat through kikoh or pores.Her 20-year attentive care and teaching has been recognized.
She went to China and studied Chinese medicine,acupuncture,kikoh,finger pressure massage.Coming home,she's been regularly on popular TV programmes for women.She has been writing articles on diet and beauty advice in several magazines.She's published books in China and they've been best sellers.She's been writing articles to subscribe. To Elle Italy on exercises.She's been on radio programmes world-wide, as well as Japanese TV and radio programmes.She is the pioneer on rice diet, yogurt cosmetics, making face look small,etc.
She is the first person to promote rice diet, yogurt and cosmetology, makingface look small.
Awards and Prizes: Miss Japan, Miss Yokohama, Miss Pacifico representingJapan,Miss USA Orient representing Japan, Miss Miami Beach in Japan.

Where you can find us
Mitashinnakano701, 5-29-5 Honmachi, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-0012, Japan.
Tel: +81-048-774-1440
Fax: +81-048-777-4720
Web Site:https://furuya-academy.com/

About Us
--FURUYA Beauty and Figure Academy Co Ltd.--

It's out motto to promote health, beauty and happiness with best techniques and knowledge.
All the staff never hesitate to exert themselves to work for their clients'health and beauty.
FURUYA Beauty and Figure Academy Co Ltd. has on its mind ecological friendliness,enviromental protection, cildren's and women's rights.

Where we work for our clients and cumstomers:
at restaurants, stores, events'sites, major hotels,banquethalls, department stores, etc.

What we feature are massages, beauty treatment,cosmetology,fortunetelling.
: Western and OrientalReflexologies,Yoga Massage: Hawaiian,Balinese,Tahitian, Chairopratic, Japanese, Aroma-Massage,Hand Therapy,English Indian Head Massage,Ayurveda.
: Color Make up,Make up, Facials,Nail Art,all based on the concept of being natural.
: Horoscope and Lucky Color,Dream Telling, Floral Astrology, Flower Messages,Gemstone Astology,Biolism,Chinese Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Tarrot,Chaqra Healing, I Chang.
We are developing goods to enhabce health and beauty, considering diet,unti-aging; worldwide vegetarian foods, we especially would focus on Zen foods, slow yoga foods. With the same idea about goods for health and beauty, we are to publishbooks on diet, health, unti-aging issues. For those who live far away from Tokyo we have correspondence courses with the issues related to health and beauty goods and books promoting diet, health and anti-ageing effects.

FURUYA Beauty and Figure Academy Co Ltd. has been planning and running adult education programmes for classes and schools, providing classes with good instructors, trainers and teachers.

We have recommending teachers and instructors of power yoga, Hollywood style yoga, Indian yoga,of pilates,yoga pilates, soft pilates, pilates in general of kikoh, Chinese shadow boxing,of Hawaian hura, flamenco, tap dance, salsa dance, Latin, social dance,classical ballet, contemporary dance, rhythmic sportive gymnastics,hip hop dance, jazz dance,of aikido, martial arts,of rhythmics, English rhythmics, musical, of aroma diet, slow foods, vegetarian foods, Zen,of nail art, make-up, hair dressing, color make up,of flower arrangement---Western and Japanese---,of voice training, gospel, popular songs,of musical instruments---piano, violin---of posture and walking, of beadwork, hand crafts, woodcraft, pottery.

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